Quick Facts
Founding Date: January 14, 2001
Colors: Imperial Sky Blue & White
Flower: Gladiolus
Stone: Aquamarine
Mascot: Unicorn
Motto: Perpetual Sisterhood Through Unity and Strength

Delta Psi Sigma Sorority promotes standards of excellence in sisterhood, academics, social relations as well as community service. The mission of Delta Psi Sigma Sorority is to unite college women from various campuses to encourage & motivate academic achievement & cultural diversity, promote sisterhood, guidance, love and friendship amongst our sisters & to provide service to our community.

Delta Psi Sigma emerged as a vision of sisterhood in the summer of 2000. Delta Psi Sigma’s founding sisters have established a sisterhood to unite sisters from different cultural backgrounds. The founding sisters, Ms. Kate Chen, Ms. Danna Chang, Ms. Melissa D’Souza, Ms. Annie Park and Ms. Michelle Tang share a common vision of true unity, mutual trust & everlasting friendship through a network of sisters who originate from different schools & different countries. The founding class originates from four different schools: Buffalo University, Hofstra University, Manhattan College, and New York University. Delta Psi Sigma is the sole social, and service sorority to have such a diversified founding class. Delta Psi Sigma will be the first sorority to have a founding class from different schools and welcomes any girl who is ambitious and determined to join us in our special vision of sisterhood.

Delta Psi Sigma strives to uphold excellence in sisterhood. The basis upon which we build our sisterhood is particular to our mission statement. We provide each other with support, guidance, love, friendship & loyalty
throughout our years in college & our lifetimes.

Delta Psi Sigma strives to promote the need for community service & volunteer work.
Sisters participate in various community service activities individually & as a group.
Our service events enable us to give back to the community & help those that are less fortunate.

Delta Psi Sigma strives to uphold the academic excellence of all our sisters. In doing so, we support, guide, & assist each other throughout our college careers.

Delta Psi Sigma strives, in coordination with other Greek organizations, to support each other in the Greek community and strive for unity amongst all organizations as well as cultural awareness & diversity.